Meet THE Founder

Nevenka, has only ever worked within recruitment since entering the profession back in 2005. Through her time in recruitment she gained experience across many disciplines carrying out "hands on" talent-acquiring-expertise in all of them. She believes that with a decade of recruitment experience she can now finally state she is a knowledge leader in her subject. She has a strong network of contacts and candidates and is quite consultative and confidential in her approach to both. Under her leadership, foresight, vision, analytical approach, meticulous planning & strategizing, she can help and support any business or candidate in devising their next steps in acquiring talent. During her recruiting career, she had the privilege of leading a number of successful recruiting programs of a well-known brands that gave her first-hand experience of the challenges that employers face in sourcing the right talent in the industry and the difficulties facing both client and candidate in engaging one another. Furthermore, it was clear to her, that in order to match the right people with the right opportunities, understanding how the business works from an internal perspective, could enable her to help other businesses find the very best talent that the industry has to offer. With a clearly defined gap in the market identified, with her experience, expertise and understanding to address the recruitment needs of all sectors. She founded Big Recruit Consulting (BRC) in 2015.

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